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Tax Preparation

Are you anxious about filing your own tax returns? Even a simple return may require multiple forms. We will interview you and file your return for you after you have reviewed and approved it. Changes in your life may have an impact on your tax return. It is best to let us help you if any of the following are in the current year.

  • Change in Status 
  • Change in Dependents 
  • Age of Dependents
  • Change in Job
  • Home Ownership
  • Small Business
  • Rentals
  • Donations
  • Vacation Homes
  • Employee Business Expense
  • Child/Dependent Care Expense
  • Student Loans
  • Education Expense
  • Pensions / Social Security
  • Sale of Stocks / Capital Assets
  • Moving
  • Sale of Home
  • Purchase of Home
  • Medical Expense


Tax Resolution

Even if you have not been targeted for an IRS Audit, you may be aware of problems that will catch up with you eventually. 

We’ll work with you to review your prior tax years and make sure that all of your tax filings have been submitted accurately. If you don’t know what’s included in your tax record, we’ll help you get copies from the tax authorities without raising any “red flags.” We’ll assess your tax liability and the associated interest and penalties.

It is far better to face your problems than to wait for them to land on your doorstep. We’re here to help in any way we can.

Common examples include:

  • Missed tax filings for one or more years
  • Insufficient funds to pay the tax liability when due
  • Failure to remit payroll taxes


Managing the employee payroll is not a simple matter of calculating the amounts due, writing checks, and handing them out. There’s a host of government reporting and recording keeping requirements that comes with the job. And there are adverse consequences if you get it wrong. We have partnered with ADP to bring you the best payroll service at a low cost. Our office handles everything from setting employees up on payroll to reporting hours worked.

You will:

  • Save money by letting the experts attend to the task efficiency and accurately.
  • Avoid penalties associated with payroll tax calculation errors or missed filing deadlines.
  • Enjoy on-line access for pay stubs and w-2’s.
  • Receive comprehensive payroll reporting.
  • Never have to deal with the IRS on payroll issues.

In Person Or Over The Phone, Let Us Help File Your Taxes!

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